About Us


Vanessa VanAlstyne and Miranda Boyd took over Las Vegas Oddities in October of 2017 and shifted the focus from Antiques to the truly weird.

Vanessa had always dreamed of a gas station like Captain Spauldings in House of a Thousand Corpses, so when the opportunity to bring something truly weird to Las Vegas, she leapt at the chance. "I knew the oddities store had to be big and beautiful or it wouldn't fit in Las Vegas," she said of the renovations she put into the interior. A month after purchasing, she opened the doors to a beautiful monster of a store.

Las Vegas Oddities focuses on the Macabre, The Unusual, The Sideshow, The Dead, and the Fantastic. We focus on dark lifestyle decorations and unique artisanal offerings. With a Masters Degree in Fine Art, Vanessa scours the USA looking for things to make you go "eek" and "Ew."