Howling Moon - Lunar Eclipse And Blood Moon Ritual

Howling Moon - Lunar Eclipse And Blood Moon Ritual

Howl at the moon and be sanctified in wine with Haven Craft at the weirdest shoppe in Vegas, Las Vegas Oddities.

We will draw down the energies of the blood moon and lunar eclipse during the "howling", the period of the winter when wolves were said to raise their voices loudest and clearest.

Welcome the power of the darkness within and be crowned in its power as it is echoed in the sky above.

All traditions, cultures, religions, faiths, spiritual paths, and walks of life are welcome. This ritual is lgbtqia inclusive and not gender essentialist.

If you can, bring a dish to share from your culture and tradition at this interfaith and intercultural self-actualization ritual. Please dress in clothing that can have blackberry wine poured over it.

This event is free to attend. All ages welcome, attendance under the age of 18 needs parental accompaniment and permission.