Things to do in Las Vegas off the Strip

Things to do in Las Vegas off the Strip

When you picture Las Vegas you probably think of bright lights, casinos, and, of course, Las Vegas Oddities. We represent that other side of Vegas, the one that's not all about gambling and bumping the loudest club. And we're not alone.

Las Vegas has some amazing entertainment off the Strip, both oddity filled and less so. If it's your first time to Vegas and you're not exactly a Strip person, or you've been here before and need something new, be sure to check out Las Vegas Oddities and these other awesome attractions off the Las Vegas Strip.

Arts District

The Las Vegas Arts District is one part quaint Southwest stretch and one part hipster paradise. Known as 18b and surrounding an area just west of Las Vegas Boulevard near Charleston, the Arts District houses amazing shops like the upcycled, industrial Luxe Rust, the manly Modern Mantiques, and the always luxurious Patina. It's also the home to us, Las Vegas Oddities: the Weirdest Little Shoppe in Vegas.

But don't think 18b is all shopping. Restaurants like the gatro-pub Cornish Pasty, the delightful Mexican eatery Casa Don Juan, and the new-but-already-exceptional Italian joint Esther's Kitchen. And the Arts District nightlife including Velveteen Rabbit, ReBar, HopNuts Brewing, and Millennium Fandom rivals anywhere else in this city.

We wish we could mention everybody, and maybe we'll do a blog just about the Arts District in the future, but for now just remember that this is an area that must be explored to appreciate. And it's one of the most welcoming spots in town.

Escape Rooms

If you need a little thrill in your vacay, try the craze that's sweeping the country. Escape rooms are interactive adventures in which you and your friends attempt to solve puzzles and find clues in order to escape from a room or prevent some turmoil. They're fun group activities, and nowhere does them better than Vegas.

Escapology, Lockdown, Number One Escape Room, and the Basement are just a few of the exciting options for an afternoon of escape in Las Vegas. Those of us in the oddity game like to think we'd do pretty well at the escape. Maybe one of these days we'll close up Las Vegas Oddities and give it a try. Just kidding. We don't get days off.

Haunted Museum

If you need a little chill in your vacay, try the attraction that's creeping out the city. Zac Bagans' Haunted Museum is a relative newcomer to Vegas but it's already making a stir. And you don't even have to be a fan of the odd and macabre to appreciate it, though it helps.

The Haunted Museum is full of creepy décor and sights to see, all curated and arranged to create the perfect creepy locale. Zac Bagans, famous for his show “Ghost Adventures,” knows exactly how to create an experience that proves that Vegas can scare as well as anywhere. If we weren't already surrounded by delightful dead things, we'd spend pretty much all our time lurking the halls of this hugely fun haunted house.

Mob Museum

Before Vegas was all about the glitz and glamor, it had a slightly less advert-on-the-side-of-a-bus-friendly face. The spot in town that commemorates that storied past is the Las Vegas Mob Museum. Full of historical facts and top-quality exhibits, the Mob Museum lets you explore the history of organized crime that made Las Vegas what it is today.

But don't think it's like a typical museum. The Mob Museum has interactive sections to boost the excitement factor and will soon have a traditional speakeasy to give you the full Vegas bootlegging experience. They haven't demanded Las Vegas Oddities pay them protection money, but we totally would. That's how cool the Las Vegas Mob Museum is.

Pinball Hall of Fame

It's OK if you don't think pinball is freaking awesome. Not everyone is perfect. But one place that might change your tune is the Pinball Hall of Fame. Featuring pinball machines in every shape and theme from current models to those of decades past, this stop is a must for anyone looking for something unique in Las Vegas and who likes their dings and pings not coming from slot machines.

Like everything else we've mentioned, the Pinball Hall of Fame is one of those gems that you won't see if you spend your whole vacation on the Strip. It's one of the many reasons to break from the crowd and do your own thing. These attractions, and shops like Las Vegas Oddities, prove there's much more to Sin City than the Las Vegas Strip.