Wanted Items:

Things with skulls, bones, or freaky things on them.

Old Funeral Items: Funeral Plaques, Hair Jewelry, Funeral Cabinet Cards (Black with gold or silver lettering), old embalming items of medium to small size.  Please no large items, such as adult coffins, or large cooling tables. We do desire post-mortem photos, mourning/hair jewelry, remembrance buttons, etc. Old is also a bit of a misnomer, death is eternal.

Old Medical – More than 30-years old is best, but pre-WW2 is better. Once again we do not want large items like iron lungs, surgery tables, chairs, etc. We do buy anything from old scissors to teaching models. Weird, quackery, or slightly obscene is fine. Dental items are a harder sell, please don’t spend a lot of money on them.

Spiritualist – We do not want your grandma’s angel statues. We are talking about occult books, magic wands, non-commercial voodoo dolls, Ouija Boards, tarot cards, etc. Anything that was once used to “predict the future” or “Speak with Spirits” is desirable, but realize age and history play into the price a lot. A hand painted Ouija / Spirit Board from the 1910’s is worth more than a 1980’s mass produced toy board. This can include items made out of human remains or from crime scenes, so long as paperwork exists to prove they are legal to own.

Circus – The older the better, but as long as you get it at a reasonable price, we love anything circus or freak show related.

Horror- Horror movies, signed or first edition horror novels, art related to either, we are interested.

Crafting products: We love old Halloween stuff, we won’t spent more than $5 on a doll-but will buy them, super cheap frames and ribbons are always welcome.

Things We Do Not Want

Camera’s, Projectors, Record Players, Records, Type Writers, Glassware, Rocks, Furniture, and non-freaky art.

How To Sell To Us

To save everyone time, please email us at Info @ lasvegasoddities . com. Include photographs so we can see the item and get an idea if we want to take a better look. This makes it to where you don't haul in something heavy for no reason. If we are intrested we will schedual a time to talk and exchange products or money.