Child Policy

Las Vegas Oddities will never stop you from bringing minors into the store, however; you need to know your child and what they can handle. Not everything is for children, for example kids are not allowed on Casino floors because of gambling laws. 
You wouldn't take your 4-year-old to a rated R horror film. So while we allow children inside, please be aware that sensitive children may be disturbed by some of our content. Our owner was a child like this, and would have had nightmares about the human skulls as a kid under 10. Never bring up the Dark Crystal for this very reason. 
While the rest of the store is free for children, some items that are not appropriate for minors (we have some erotic ivory from China & Japan) will be on display in our Seance Room. Our policy is that no child under 18 will be allowed in the room, unless a special booking has occurred where the items are preemptively removed. 
Now if your 15-year-old can handle these things, we will allow parents to use their best judgment, but we do NOT want the liability of kids being exposed to those items. Sorry about that one, but someone around here has to at least pretend to be responsible. It's me. The owner. I always end up with that stick.