Hand Carved Human Skull With Baphomet & Labyrinth

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Hand carved by Irene B. Smithi. The labyrinth on the back is to guide the practitioner to claim the tool and meditate upon the symbol of Baphomet.  The ink filled carving on the top is a stylized version of Eliphas Levi's rendition of Baphomet sitting atop a pentacle. 

All symbols can be filled with the purchaser's blood, if such blood is professionally drawn and provided to Irene. This will of course slow your purchase of the skull.

This is also fine in a collector's home with no magical uses attributed. No ritual work was done on the skull that would inhibit enjoyment or use.

Irene loves carving custom magick and artistic items from human or animal bone. Commissions can be arranged. Past work has been human bone runes, a ritual cane, and carved arm bone wands.