To My Customers and Friends,

This announcement is not easy; I wish timing were better.  Las Vegas Oddities has been unofficially closed for some time due to the COVID outbreak.  The store will not be reopening. Thank you to those of you who have made the last three years one hell of a ride. Vegas is a kooky town full of colorful people, and I know you will keep that vibe going strong..

The store had just moved physical locations when COVID forced us close on March 20th. I believe Gov. Sisolak made the best decision to keep our case levels manageable for Nevada’s hospitals, and do not put any blame on his choice. However, Las Vegas Oddities lost significant revenue during those  months and now would only reopen during the summer, when revenue is historically lower, which would be compounded by tourism being at a record low . I have had to come to peace with the fact that there is no returning to normal operations and am filing for Bankruptcy.

I want to go on record that Ron McMenemy and Chelsey Kelly, who own and run New Orleans Square, have been nothing but generous and helpful to their tenants during this time. I deeply regret no longer working with them and continue to recommend them to anyone looking for a commercial lease. I also believe New Orleans Square hosts the talent and forward-thinking that is going to make it the next hot spot of Las Vegas culture. Please support  the stores and folks out there. Ron & Chelsey have bent over backwards for the small businesses they host and I will never stop being thankful for their support and friendship.

The future is hard to determine. I am not going to abandon the community I have come to serve. I want to evolve, not go extinct. On a personal note, I also have several health issues I need to address and anticipate two major surgeries in the next year. The time I’ve spent building the store and community will goto focus on my health and creative pursuits in the upcoming times, in line with my art degrees. 

Expect to hear from me again. Thank you all again for all your well-wishes and support.

Best Wishes,

Vanessa VanAlstyne