Vintage, Collectible, & Antique, Medical Models, Funerary Items, Medical Tools, Dental Tools, Quackeries, Bottles, Labels, & Pharmacy / RX. Not For Modern Use. Not For Medical Use.

People come to Las Vegas looking for the dark side & on the strip they rarely find it. Welcome home, freaks.

-Vanessa VanAlstyne, Owner

900 E. Karen Ave Unit B101
Las Vegas, NV 89109

From our “Little Coffin Library” to our classes on magick & taxidermy, to our pet tarantula “Aileen Wuornos 2,” we have crafted something unique just East of the Las Vegas Strip, and hope you will come get your “Oooo” on.

I want to welcome you to a shop for weirdo’s & witches.

In this town oddball is a profession and we take great pleasure in introducing our custom made weirdness alongside our mass produced occult supplies. Retired medical skeletons, wet preserves, taxidermy, candles, incense, books & crystals are just some of what awaits you inside.